There are significant benefits to working with offshore development teams but, just like in-house staff, it takes work and care to maximize their productivity and output. As COVID-19 causes more companies to consider offshore teams or remote work, we wanted to provide a few tips for optimizing your team.

Productivity is critical for every company, and an offshore team has the potential to supercharge your overall output by adding more talented staff than the same budget would provide in the US. However, the simple fact that you don’t sit in the same room as these people means that optimizing productivity…

Building a great startup requires an amazing engineering team, and this is increasingly challenging and expensive for U.S. and Western Europe startups, where the competition for highly-skilled technical talent is fierce and growing. To scale up, startups must get in the ring with Big Tech firms, but how can they compete against companies with deeper pockets and big brand names?

We’re living through the greatest age of software development talent shortage. The lack of high-caliber employees has doubled in the past decade, while the demand for innovative IT solutions continues to grow. Nearly every startup is either deeply technical or…

With new software applications, platforms and solutions popping up every day, software development can seem like a huge challenge to newcomers. However, it’s also very open to innovative ideas and, with people always craving better solutions, you can find a niche for your product.

To explain the software development process and make it easy to understand, we’ve compiled this guide on how to develop a software product step by step. For your convenience, we’ve split it into four phases. Ready to build your software project and bring your ideas to life? Let’s do it then!

Phase 1. Idea

The idea is the very…

When you are launching a startup, you need to find a reliable crew, and finding the right people to fill software development team roles is never easy. As the excitement of a new idea becomes that challenge of bringing it to life, you may stumble upon a question — whom should you welcome aboard?

To help you assemble your superheroes a.k.a software development team, we’ve decided to break down the roles and responsibilities of key team members the fun way by imagining that you’re looking for a ship crew.

Project Manager: the Captain

The project manager takes the helm of the team, ensures a…

Picking a tech stack for your project is an important up-front decision that has long-term consequences. It will impact your ability to recruit developers, the speed at which you build and the long-term scalability of your platform. The decision should be made while before you start building, and ideally before you even recruit your team. With so many options available, this can be a difficult choice.

To help you navigate through the newest trends, we’ve shortlisted some of our favorite tech stacks to use for web development in 2020.

Note: When we talk about “web development” we are referring to…

Recruiting top-notch tech talent is hard. But does it have to be?

When it comes to identifying and attracting qualified employees, the first thing you have to do is to face a harsh truth: recruiting top-notch tech talent is hard.

In America, there’s a large (and growing) gap between the number of qualified candidates and the number of open positions for software engineers. Salaries continue to rise, but talented people are also looking for more than just a high salary. They want satisfying work, strong mentors, growth opportunities and a genuine mission.

Satellite was built to help companies solve the technology talent war, and we’re experts at recruiting, interviewing and landing the…

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