How to Attract Tech Talent: 6 Tips For Recruiting a Great Team

Recruiting top-notch tech talent is hard. But does it have to be?

When it comes to identifying and attracting qualified employees, the first thing you have to do is to face a harsh truth: recruiting top-notch tech talent is hard.

In America, there’s a large (and growing) gap between the number of qualified candidates and the number of open positions for software engineers. Salaries continue to rise, but talented people are also looking for more than just a high salary. They want satisfying work, strong mentors, growth opportunities and a genuine mission.

Satellite was built to help companies solve the technology talent war, and we’re experts at recruiting, interviewing and landing the top developers in the world. To help you find top engineers and win them over, we’ve listed six of our tried-and-true recruiting tips that work well for companies of all sizes.

1. Build Your Brand

The fight for talent is real for companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to the Fortune 500. People are eager to work for businesses with a clearly defined purpose, and building a strong brand image is extremely important for startups as they have to compete with tech giants with deeper pockets.

Take your time and focus on your image and culture by creating and sharing quality content. It can be thought leadership (on Medium, Substack, etc.), open-source libraries, a meetup, hackathons, or anything else that can capture software engineers’ attention and help them understand your mission. Attending other companies’ public events and hackathons is another opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

The goal is to attract people who are interested in your industry, idea or product and, even more important, who believe in YOU. You’ll never have enough time to make everyone an expert in your field, but there’s always an opportunity to leave people with the impression: “I would love to work with her/him.”A positive brand image sinks deep into the mind and works great for both potential and current employees, not to mention clients.

2. Review Your Recruiting Strategy

Prospecting for candidates, performing initial screening and technical interviews is a time-consuming and expensive process. It’s important to answer the following basic questions before you begin:

The common mistake here is not having a clear understanding of how many people should be involved in interviewing and what they need to ask. For instance, there is a “sponge” approach when you have multiple employees shooting questions at the candidate over several meetings. While it’s great that you can collect many opinions, the absence of a systematic approach can result in false impressions. To avoid confusion, set up clear expectations for the position, then select the interviewers who can evaluate both the hard and soft skills of candidates. The best interviewer is often the person who will work with your candidate directly in the future. Go through their questions and then get the feedback as soon as the interview is over.

It’s also important to remember that, while you’re interviewing the candidate, they’re interviewing you as well. This is often more subtle, but they’re trying to understand if this is a company they would enjoy working for, what they will be able to learn from the senior team members and what their opportunities will be. We suggest incorporating that into your process based on the type of person you’re looking for (for example, for a highly technical role, focus on highly technical interviews with very strong engineers, rather than high-level business questions).

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Building a passionate and qualified team is challenging. However, a well-balanced recruitment strategy, promotion of your company’s brand, valid interview process and a global approach to hiring can give you everything you need to get the best people on your team.

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